The dark unicorn – Amina 4j gospeloak

                                                                                The dark unicorn


The traffic is amazing however  it more rare or micik then you will ever see

even more rare than legendary or mythic 1/100000000000000000

that you can be one or find one




It has diamonds on its skin. The main is red and the body it white

with black crystals; she is known as the leader of the unicorn.  The

The age of the unicorn is 23. The  dark unicorn enemies humans because they are going to kill her she has black and redstone




                                                It live in this forest called homeland where lot of unicorns live it has a secret entray  it look a purple leafs and blue tree trunk and pink home for all the unicorns and a big casal of the queen with is her she always make food for  all the unicorn it a big rispotesablatey because she need to feed all the baby unicoins it hard so hard



               She eats bread apples carrots  eggplants when she gets angry  she starts attacking humans she drinks water purple speshal water   blue momo water  she hides when she goes out    she has guards behind her people to kill her for her powerful magic in her dark horse love eating stuff like blue cookie and apples with blue on it  and  chocolate cofer strawberry 



              She normally goes out  to homeland forest

            She  Eats blueberries, pink apples and peaches  with nice blue water. After that  she puts the baby unicorn to sleep  next she goes on her uni taxi to go give all the baby unicorn food and pink apples and pink peaches and with blueberry  water . so sleep and does it all over again next day she went to a cave and can back with gold and lot of food


            If you pink one you are the luckiest person on earth one one has found that und corn her macic is so powerful.  

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