The day night unicorn

The day and night unicorn


Amazingly, my unicorn is a day and night unicorn so you’re probably thinking what she would look like, well I am about to tell you, so my unicorn has a star at the tip of her horn and palm tree leaves as wings.Her hoofs are hard as rock just like the moon.


Her special skill is she can make it from a scary night in a flash to a beautiful morning just like that.She can even make it from 12 o’clock in the night to 12 o’clock in the morning.


Her habitat is the moon when it is night and the earth when it is morning .But sometimes she can travel from planet to planet whenever she wants.


She drinks water and eats human food on the earth and when it is night she eats meteor crumbs and drinks the water.But sometimes she drinks the liquids of the galaxy and sometimes it’s the moon dust that you blow and it will fly up and she will collect it and eat it.


Her predators are some humans that don’t like her but not all humans some humans are very kind to her.Her predators are the people that dont like those people are her prey.she does also have a predator that lives on the moon called the unicorn killer and every week he tries to kill her but every time she wins.


She has a father who looks exactly like her but a boy version and he is very very protective of her.She has 3 more siblings the all look the same but she has 2 sisters and one brother the brother is her best friend he helps her with all her battles she has a younger and an older sister her older sister is kind but very mean sometimes and her younger sister is very little so she can’t do anything to help.

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