The DevilCorn

~The Devilcorn~


Have you ever seen a Devilcorn? I hope you haven’t because only dead people can see them! If you have magical powers you can. Anyway, the devilcorn has a personal sign it must never be written like this ->devilcorn,<- it must be written with one devil horn on the “D” and another on the “C”.


These mystical creatures have often been mistaken for Dragons because of their fire tail and mane this species also breathes fire. They live in non-dormant volcanoes and move out when they become dormant. They also take dead people into their homes and make them into angels (which are the opposite to a devil) and send them to watch over their relatives that are still alive. It has a sword, a fire and a dead face imprint.


~Personality looks and powers~

Even though the DevilCorn may look scary, its personality is very different. For example the DevilCornin is only mean to mean people. This type of unicorn (especially) likes death. The DevilCorn has special features such as: a sword ,fire and dead face imprint on its side and in addition it has a fire main and tail. These creatures have magical powers, it can breathe fire, it can fly however it has no wings.




This mystical animal lives in a non-dormant volcano. It can also be found in haunted houses and buildings. They decorate their houses by making a lava swimming pool and hot tub. Their bed is in the core of the earth, they also sleep in the creepiest part of the haunted house, witch is the basement of course.



This variety of unicorn have lots of hobbies such as: possessing the dead and then sending them to watch over their  live relatives and going to ghostparties they also collect bloodstone and like to sit in front of a warm fireplace with a burning hot chocolate with unicorn marshmallows witch are made with real unicorns.



The DevilCorns eat pink,fluffy unicorns and anything cute because they are the opposite of cute and I mean it! They are scary beasts and lots of people are scared of them. But beware these creatures are the prey of NOTHING!!!


~why are people so scared of these creatures?~

Well millions of years ago the DevilCorns and humans were at war at war. But the DevilCorns won and the humans flead and ever since then the humans have been scared ever of them. But will they ever live in peace? We will have to find out.


Surely you would have learned something about the DevilCorn but I want you not to be scared of them as they can protect you. So be kind to them and you will gain their trust. I hope you enjoyed it.

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