the elsewhere emporium


Some things happen in the emporium that you can never imagine, but you can see it only once. 

People were astonished at the beauty of starlight brick rubbing of on cold skin on those who dare touch it? one was more excited than the others being adventurous but sceptical everyone went home. But he didn’t! 

Chapter one-through the door 


His name was Ethan, he touched the gold nob prying the door open opening a portal and Ethan went through seeing what no one else can, the shop filled with life the animals looked so real you could hear them breathing their eyes following you around the room the smell of cotton candy in the room and sapphires shining like blood and the cold wispy wind on your cheek’s, books older than time itself.  

 Ethan rang the bell on the counter with no response, but a magpie made of Sterlin silver flew out its eyes like emeralds glistening in the candlelight, a man went out behind the counter saying welcome to the elsewhere emporium how can I help you… 

He said anything could happen here all you need to do is trust the emporium I asked for some books he had everything I asked for I asked for a rose as red as blood with a stem as green as grass that would never fade and never die, he went through a door, so I looked at an old book called the book of wonders with the initial M S D H the owner picked the book up i see you found the book of wonders.

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