The Forest Unicorn – Honour 4J

The Forest Unicorn


Unicorns are unusual creatures. This report is about forest unicorns. Did you know they like to collect 

weird and colourful bugs? Or what about the fact they look for magical plants. Read on to find out more.



Can you spot a forest unicorn? They’re about two feet tall. Weirdly, they have a mane and tail made of

leaves. The leaves are a sort of jade green. They’re fur is a nice, pale pea green to blend in with their

surroundings. Surprisingly, their hooves are in the shape of a star to show other forest unicorns that they

are the same breed. Unusually, they have wings made of giant leaves. If you want to see one in real life,

go to a patch of trees with star shaped hoof prints (a unicorn village) and leave out some interesting

bugs. The unicorn will come and inspect them. So now you know how to spot a unicorn.



Generally, forest unicorns live in the forest.Unicorns are like wolves they like to live in packs. They have

big hollow trees to live in. Each village has about 20 – 25 houses but but the main forest unicorn kingdom

has about 30 – 40! They like to live near water sources so you will find a village near rivers, lakes or

streams. Surprisingly, 150 is young for a unicorn. If you’re a unicorn, being 150 is like being 15. At the

age of about 200 forest unicorns are left to find another village to live in.



The majority of forest unicorns are quite fussy, especially when it comes to eating. They like being

healthy. Some of their most eaten food is bark, berries and leaves. However, they also eat potatoes,

carrots and apples. Although, some like ice cream and waffles! But those types of forest unicorns are

extremely rare. They like to drink fresh spring water because they think tap water is dirty. You can also

leave out a wooden bowl with milk in it and they’ll drink it.



All unicorns have different powers. Some have bad powers and some have good. Here are the forest

unicorn powers. Unusually, they can turn invisible to hide from unicorn hunters. Funnily, wherever they

walk trees, flowers and grass grows so if there’s a tree in your garden you don’t remember you know

how it got there. Interestingly, they can talk to plants and other animals telepathically. As you may know

already unicorns can also fly. Crazily, their horn can drill holes in the ground to put plant seeds in.

Brilliantly, people who spot them get good luck for 24 hours.


Now you know everything you need to know about forest unicorns. Sadly, they have been hunted for

generations for their magical powers and we need to save our unicorns. So if you see one please don’t

shoot it.

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