The Frost Unicorn

The Frost Unicorn, which lives in the mountains, is a rare species. Every night on a full moon, a shadow has been spotted in the snow.They are know for being shy and intelligent. Many people have  tried to catch one for studying but no one has ever succeeded.

Would you be able to recognise a Frost Unicorn? The majority of Frost Unicorns can camouflage in there habitats to protect themselves. This is why so many Unicornologists have failed in finding them. These wonderful creatures are found in snowy mountains like the Alps. Usually, the Frost Unicorns tend to live in families. Unfortunately, this makes it harder for them to hide, which is why they only come out at night on a full moon.

The majority of Frost Unicorns have white sparkly hair to help them blend in and the rest of its body is a thin layer of sky blue. However, the minority of them change colours when they are fouls as a sign of freezing powers when they are adults.

What is a Frost Unicorn’s personality? These unicorns are friendly and gentle. But, you have to earn their trust first. They are also playful and kind. On the other hand, they can be over protective of their fouls. Rarely, some of the Frost Unicorns can be mean, cruel and greedy for more powers. However, these cruel unicorns are so rare that they might not exist.

Frost Unicorns are nocturnal and one of the few species that are. These mysterious unicorns eat ice cubes and flavour with their powers. To drink, they have melted snow that collect for energy.

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