The Ice Unicorn – By Mimi

The ice unicorn, which is an amazing type of flying horse, has silvery, magical blood. You might think you have seen one but you probably haven’t. You might have seen their cousin, The Snow Unicorn though, which is much more common. Their cousin is quite violent but the Ice Unicorn isn’t. So don’t let the Snow unicorn make you hate Ice Unicorns.



Ice Unicorns live in the dry Antarctica but you can go to a unicorn centre to see one. (Unicorn centres  are completely cruel free.) When they are in the Antarctic they live in families of four. They very rarely have one foal or three foals. Normally, they have two. Until the foals are old enough to go and have children of their own they live with their parents their whole childhood. For some reason, families are very aggressive against each other. Ice Unicorns make their homes in caves, like bears. Since they’re very magical, they make fires by rubbing their horns against sticks or rock. This makes their caves nice and warm.



Ice Unicorns are the most beautiful unicorn by far. They have a bristly, milky-white body that has tiny specks of silver all over it. Their size is roughly the size of a medium horse. Ice Unicorns manes are a purple – sky blue and on the top of their head sits a glamorous, pearly – white horn. They have a long, silky tail the same colour as their mane and and to match their magic-full horn is a pair of tremendous, strong wings which they use as blankets and to fly long distances. To complete their fashionable beautiness, they have led like hooves to prevent slipping on ice. 



Ice Unicorns have a strange diet. Since they are vegetarians there aren’t many food choices in Antarctica. If they can find them, they will eat dead or alive plants. If Ice Unicorns can’t find anything to eat, their horns will magic up food for them. Unicornologists have somehow found out that Ice Unicorns love fresh mint. After a few tests they also found out it is very good for them. To keep hydrated, they will mush up snow to make slush but if they find water they will drink that.

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