The Incident

Scott was always a target for trouble. Even though he was well behaved, everywhere he went, the dart of trouble always hit the bullseye.

One summer’s evening, Scott was just about to go indoors after a stroll when he closed his eyes… instead of breathing in evening air, he smelled molding bread and gunpowder. Where was he?

Everywhere Scott looked, random items littered the room. A pearl lay on a velvet cussion, shiny, irreplaceable. A box, magical and mysterious, stood in a corner. Another glance, a teapot: intricate and antique. Was there tea inside? Then, something caught Scott’s eye: a golden skull! Just as he took it, whispers filled his ears, ‘Those worthy of the golden skull shall receive infinite power: you are unworthy.’ 

“I see you have found my skull, a fine treasure, however it is not yours to take.” Scott put the skull down and backed away…

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