The introduction and chapter one

Perhaps people wanted test dummy’s. Perhaps people forgot what the two where like. Either way it made them go. They walked down a forgotten street with surrender flags out the windows sometimes even crusty old skulls on rusted steel sticks. Eventually, at the very end of the street there was a new-looking black shop with a crooked, dilapidated door. As soon as they entered history erased them and nobody knows what happened until now…



Lincoln usually came to school half asleep and left three- quarters asleep. He walked down the same roads (sometimes ended up in his neighbour’s house). However, today was ‘religious education day’ (something made up to get the class passionate about R.E) Lincoln left school sleepwalking. Since he was sleeping he went entirely down the wrong lane and ended up in what everyone called ‘the emporium.’ falling over on the way in woke Lincoln up half way and so he decided too wander around and half saw: a leathery, stained, unused cap, a simple, sturdy, original door an ex-champion, rusty, weakened axe and a shiny, new, strong longsword. But, what interested him the most was a brand-new, luxurious, soft, comfy (you guessed it) bed. By the five seconds the owner took to come and ask too buy it he was already asleep.

Around four and a half hours later and eight sleeping tickets Lincoln woke up to see a yellow toothed, strangely dressed, bad-haired, hideous man stood over him…

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