The Lava Unicorn by Ken

The Lava Unicorn

What they eat.

The lava unicorn eats hot and spicy food as well as hot water and tea, as it likes hotness. It is mistakenly, thought that the majority of the species likes to eat fruits and vegetable as well as drinking cold.

The appearance

The lava unicorn has a rosy skin as well as having a fire scorching on their body while in combat, to keep the opponents away; while sleeping or just to keep them warm in cold weather.

Their behavior

These unicorns are very unusual mortals as they are named lava unicorn but likes to swim in the sea or a lake. They like to keep warm but if they are too hot they will swim the water to keep their temperature as normal.

Their surroundings

They live in a desert where water is not scarce because they need to be able to swim in water. They also find a deep cave to sleep when they need to. This will mean that they have a safe place to live.



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