The Lightning Unicorn – JT and O.R

The Lightning Unicorn


The Lighting Unicorn, which is quite a rare variety of unicorn, is most commonly found in the clouds.  Every storm, unicornologists gather together where millions of clouds combine to see the majestic beasts peer down upon them. During the lockdown, these energy enthusiasts  have decided to come down to feed on their favourite food, high voltage. But that is the only thing known about these creatures.


Would you recognise a Lightning Unicorn just by looking at it? Like most unicorns, they have sparking manes made out of electricity, a bolt of lighting as a horn and neon blue eyes that would make the devil whimper. They also have electric absorbing dark blue wings, with puffy hooves that allow them to walk on these floating crystals we call “clouds”. If you are lucky, you may find the King of Lightning Unicorns, which has a bright yellow tail, golden bolted wings and an electric-conducting hammer as a horn. 


These sentient shocks need to stay close to a source of electricity as they can only create their young out of new power. It is also the only thing they can consume; they don’t need any kind of fluid to survive either.  These marvellous creatures are quite hostile but will only become passive once they realise somebody can be trusted. If you can’t be trusted, say your goodbyes as it will fire lightning bolts out of the tip of its horn, if that fails, it will try to fight with hand-to-hand combat, which you will NEVER win…


The king of these mysterious horses lives in the eye of the storm; unicornologists have now referred to this spot as the Cloud Palace. We also believe that the king starts storms as he seems to be the most hostile of them: he will not trust you unless one of his lesser-corns has told him that you are safe.  


The reason these majestic beings are so aggressive is because lots of poachers hunt them for their horns of lighting, although, when dead, these creatures lose all their power. It’s hard to catch them because they can run and fly at insanely high speeds and if you touch them, you will be electrocuted because their skin has large quantities of power flowing through.


We need to save these creatures, so if you know of one in your area… maybe try and keep it a secret and don’t tell.




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