The Magic Door

The Magic Door Prologue
There was once a tree that was different from the rest a bigger tree then you ever guessed. The tree was larger than a dragon. a lot of people have walked past it the tree was known by many people that lived in the town. Until one day a young girl named Cassy found a door inside of the tree.
Chapter 1 – Through the Door
Cassy was a smart girl good grades, happy, nice. She was also very curious girl. One lovely day she found a cracked, old, oak door in the tree. Without thinking she slowly opens the door and walks through. She finds a playground with small girls and boys. On the ground there was a small note the note said…
“Talk all you want.
Just don’t talk to
Confused, Cassy walks over to the children and has a look around the world. Cassy goes up to the child without thinking and talks to them. A shadow as dark as void came behind her and at that time, she remembered what the note had told her.

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