The mermaid unicorn

The Mermaid Unicorn


The mermaid unicorn has a scaly heart and fluffy fur with a stripy, blue horn. She is located in the South Pole and loves the cold, frosty sea water, especially in the winter when it is full of white, shimmering snow. She loves to eat the colourful fish because they have lots of flavour which she likes the best. What will surprise you the most is that she can sense her smell from one hundred miles away.


The mermaid unicorn also has a battle scar from a real mermaid in the shape of her own tail. This is the story: one day  she was having a drink in the clear, blue river when magically a real mermaid appeared and touched her blue, fluffy, feathery mane and it became a symbol of the sea. Her hooves clicked and her face gasped and then she became normal again.



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