The Muddy unicorn

The Muddy Unicorn

Do you like unicorns? Well surprisingly, if you do then I’ve seen and heard of a Muddy unicorn! It’s called a Muddy unicorn because it loves mud. I


Appearance (Looks)

It has brown,flat hooves so it can travel through the mud properly without getting stuck. It has white,gilittery skin and a brown main. The Muddy unicorn has a swirly horn on its forehead  like all other unicorns.


Habitat (Living)

The Muddy unicorn lives in a hole in a mountain and the hole in the mountain is called mud cave, the unicorn has flat hooves so it can travel around better in the mud. You have to walk 1000m to get to the unicorn’s cave because it’s near the horizon.


Information (Extra information)

You can only find unicorns in the U.S.A but the Muddy unicorn was found in Europe!? The mud unicorn is only 6 years old because it was born in 2015.


Diet (What it eats)

It eats dirt and leaves but the mud in the cave is a type of medicine to heal the horse when its hurt. It drinks lake water and even ocean water depending on where it is around the world.


Behaviour (Personality)

If you’re loud it may hide because the unicorn is very young So its afraid of big noises.


Come back for more unicorn stories or more information in tomorrow’s episode at 6:00. ( BBC NEWS)

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