The Music Unicorn-Jasmine and Jack

The Music Unicorn

Do you know about the Music Unicorn?

The Music Unicorn, which is a rare species, lives far away from humankind, because they do not like man-made tunes. These mythical beasts have drums for hooves, bells on their tails and a golden horn held up by powerful bass strings.Surprisingly, the Music Unicorn only eats fresh grass, as well as natural river water, as it is vegetarian. 

 creature behaves slightly differently to other unicorns, as its taste of tunes is completely different to what humans listen to.If this fearful beast hears slightly different music to what they make (this rarely ever happens), it rages with anger, and goes berserk!

These magical creatures are generally found in groups, or a family tribe. Very rarely, they are found alone which usually means have had a fight with their herd, or have lost them. When they are born, they are gifted with a ukulele, but as they grow older, they replace it with a guitar. If they are discovered, their whole tribe (which is huge), has to move to a new location, in a new land.

In their spare time, these rhythmic creatures play their music, which is too mighty for the human ears. This species, unlike other unicorns, are very social, and talk by singing like birds in unicornnese (their language). Although not much is known about these animals, unicornoligists are trying to find out more everyday.


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