The mystery Emporium by Olivia

There is some shops were people don’t go. The mystery Emporium was like that 

Even when the snow is falling and the carollers are singing none ever stepped inside. Even when the toys had been freshly stacked the door never got opened. Even when ginger bread men had been freshly cooked the bell never got rang. Even when you van hear the fire crackle. Even when the train started going round the shop none ever laid upon. 

That was until Mia push the door open.

Mia had always been a shy girl but she was also always up to mischief in her own time. Her dad always told her to stop and one day it was going to lead her into something she doesn’t want to be involved with. One cold January morning, Mia was walking down Woodland Lane until she saw something strange about the Emporium. Without thinking she stepped in.

Everywhere Mia looked she saw so many things what filled her  with so many wonders. She glanced up and saw the midnight sky and glistening stars. There was a miniature train that was green and red when it was light and whent around the whole top of the shop filling it with with joy. That was when she decided to take a walk around the shop. Until she was laid before an old brown book. She turn the first page of the novel and the words seem to grow like trees and form little pictures.

“I see you have found one of my favourite books” whispered voice. Mia jumps and slammed the book closed. She stared up to the owner of the Emporium. He was very tall male with a handlebar moustache. 

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