The nature unicorn

Nature unicorn                                     

Surprisingly nature unicorns are the rarest unicorn out there in the world.It is very likely to be seen.

Not many people know about the nature unicorn. It flies around the city at dawn while the sunlight

comes up.



Would you recognize the nature unicorn if you see one well here is how a nature unicorn looks like it has

White skin,color full wings with flowers,a peach horn,and the mane is the colour light mint. Most unicorns 

Have different colours.



Amazingly the  nature unicorns eat a lot of stuff but here is what its favorite food is. Cotton candy, leafs

Watermelon, water,and apple. The nature unicorn loves to eat in a forest. It loves to eat with

Dragons and trolls.



Unusually, nature unicorns are really shy. It hides in forests and it camouflages the tree. The natural unicorn has all types of powers like it can control the weather, it can make a flower storm, it can control stuff with its mind!, and it can read people’s minds and also unicorns’ minds.





Generally nature unicorns are really hard to find after a long time. The reason know one can find them

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