The Nightmare Unicorn by Rachel and Lily H

The Nightmare Unicorn


The Nightmare Unicorn, which can sense bad dreams, has bloodshot eyes with matt black fur. Unicornologists have discovered that they are extremely dangerous, and if you come in close contact with one, then just slowly back away and do NOT run. If you run from one, then they will know that you are scared and will continue to attack. These ferocious beasts collect all good dreams from sleeping children and transform them into nightmares. It is well known that they are one of the rarest unicorns to walk the Earth with only three of them in each continent. 


What do they eat and drink? Drinking lava and eating salty rocks is their diet but there is also an occasion where they will eat nightmares that have become good dreams.


It is thought that the evil beasts live in the underworld         (which they don’t, other than their children), and they get mistaken for the Death Unicorn which is in the Dark Family. These creatures love anger. It makes them feel amazing and like they can do anything that they wish, which they obviously can’t though.  The thing that makes them feel weak and tired is happiness: they despise happiness. Some people believe that when they die they come back stronger and the unicornologist has confirmed this is true.


Warning! If you come close to one, they will try and make you stare in their eyes for five seconds and if that does happen, which is very likely, then you will have nightmares for the rest of your life and to stop getting these bad dreams then you must find the angel staff to grant the wish. However, this is hidden in the underworld unicorn volcano which is guarded by the Queen Death Unicorn and you will have to battle with her. 


These terrifying creatures are very annoying like a cat meowing at 6am in the morning, and very, very angry like your mom when you forget to clean your room. They are dark like a devil, but friendly to their relatives, the Dark Unicorn Family. 


The death unicorn gods are the creators of the horrible beasts. If a Nightmare Unicorn ever gives birth, then it will be done in the underworld. Once the children have turned five, then they are allowed out into the outside world. It is very rare for one to have a baby unicorn but if they do, then it will add one to the nightmare population.


Remember, we warned you about how dangerous these creatures are (if you read it properly)  but if you continue to ignore these rules then you will horribly regret it…

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