The Nowhere Emporim

The Portal In The Closet

The Prologue

People always talked about the secret legend of portal’s appearing in your closets. No one believed this, the only person that did was Allison. Allison thought that one day a portal would appear in her closet so she waited and waited for many days.

Chapter 1: The Day It All Happened

Allison had always been curious. She was 10 years old and she has long brown wavy hair green and she was always causing mischief. Her mum said that it would lead her to trouble one day, but Allison would never listen. One day Allison was going to go and play in her garden, so she went upstairs to her room to grab a jacket.
Allison looked everywhere for her jacket but she couldn’t find it. only place she could look now was the back of the closet. Allison took a deep breath and went in, she looked through the back but she could not find it.But what she did find was a wooden , white door in the back of her closet.

Allison remembered what her mum had told her, that her mischief would get her to trouble, but Allison did not listen as she always did. Allison climbed out the closet, took a deep breath and opened the door slowly. Allison was scared because all she could see was a swirl with crowns, dresses, mini thrones, she hopped in.

While she was in the portal she saw the crowns, dresses mini thrones surrounding her while she was floating but slowly going down.

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