The Rabbicorn



The rabicorn is a rare rabbit unicorn; only people who believe it will ever see it. Faith the goddess of rabicorns who’s very powerful plays with baby bunnies a lot and flys with the older rabicorns. Rabicorns are very careful and polite one secret holds with them. … The secret is very secret. You stayed here this long so you are interested. Well this is if you manage to get the violet gem deep down underground protected by metal. No human alive knows about this. Well now you do be quiet, don’t spread it or else.



It’s habitat is in the fluffy clouds! However,they have a secret base underground. When it’s bedtime they simply eat the invisibility for 5 seconds then they will be invisible to humans only humans. For 15 minutes they fly up to the clouds. When they reach the fluffy fluff they lay and sleep. However, you may think that they will fall through but they aren’t weightless.


What do they eat? 

Rabicorns eat grass a lot but because they have infinite wishes their favourite food is bananas ,watermelon,strawberries, grapes and raspberries give them any fruit they love. If you let them smell lollies they’ll go crazy for 5 minutes. But if they eat it they’ll be sick.


What do they drink?

Generally, they love to drink water. Amazingly most lovee milkshakes like vanilla, chocolate , strawberry, banana , raspberry, watermelon , apple, sweet, pineapple and lemon milkshakes.


What they do for fun?!

The majority, love to fly, roll down hills, eat, drink, sleep almost all love to go on a slide. Surprisingly if they go round and round and round a roundabout they wont get dizzy. On the other hand, they will puke if they eat lollies ad their sick is rainbow.

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  1. i love this because it’s not just a unicorn its two different animals that are not just a dog or cat it’s quit unusual and i like it and i love how you described the Rabbicorn

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