the rose unicorn

The rose unicorn


There are lots of different species of unicorn and one of the most fascinating is the rose unicorn. This kind of animal is very rare however there have been some sightings of the unicorn.


The rose unicorn is a great unicorn to find because one cool fact is that when they are happy they leave a trail of roses when walking. They also make humongous flowers from their needlepoint horn , they also use it for hunting their prey. Usually they  have blood red eyes and very fluffy wings that are adjusted for the warm weather . They have soft but short fur and there 

Mains are red and pink to blend in their habitat.


The rose unicorn, which is a bright  colored unicorn, usually lives in a poppy or a field of bright flowers  where it is very peaceful and warm and that is the weather that is suitable for them. They don’t like cold weather because it makes their fur go prickly and they will no longer be red .


Rose unicorns which are really fussy eaters eat only bugs or insects and squirrels . bugs help them get some energy like we get energy from food and exercise , and sometimes they like to catch butterflies but not eat them they just do it for fun . squirrels are just there for lunch or dinner for them, they are really easy to catch because a unicorn is the size of a tree and sometimes only if they wanted to they would have flowers for a treat. Basically, it is like a desert.


Interestingly this kind of  unicorn does strange stuff in the day sometimes they stare at a bee collecting pollen how ever they also sleep a lot in the day and they are more active at night. 


Have you ever seen one if you have you must buy some flowers and some bugs from your garden will do and finally you absolutely have you hide the unicorn.

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