The secret Emporium

 The ancient antic door Prologue 


There were some places were no people ever wants to go, especially the door in the creepy basement. 

No one thought sinister dolls will look back on you at the dark window cell.  


Chapter 1: Through the brown magical door, 

Bob was so joyful. One warm afternoon, Bob was walking down old town road. Bob was startled with a brown, rustic door. He was curious of the area. The silver handle sparkled against the sun dazzling Bob. Bob scurried like mouse to enter the large rustic door with no one in sight.  





It was like an evil portal eating Bob. And after that all he saw was long, tall trees. 

  He was in a tropical jungle; he was in a lovely fresh air climate; he was traveling all around the great jungle he was playing with silly monkeys, talking patriot’s, hungry hippos, Giant elephants, and cuddly pandas. 

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