The secret Emporium prologue

The Emporium prologue 


Luke has always been imaginative and always made his dream come true, like starting his own Architectual company. He named it MC architect company. It all started off with Luke drawing houses he liked. So, Luke went and bought a hp pavilion pc to start designing on a 3D (3 Dimensional) printing app he bought using leftover money that he invested. 


Chapter 1  


One day Luke was casually minding his own business working hard renovating his office building. Lukes room is all glass on the outside and had a massive window overviewing London. He was continuing his project, and he looked over at his window and saw it turned into a door, but not any door a dark spruce wooden door. Luke just ignored it at first, but after he finished his project and checked it out. 


Luke opened the door and to his despair there was absolutely nothing but a drop off the top floor of the shard. He got so delude that he opened the door and jumped out… Luke instantly regretted his decision. Luke was falling at roughly 33MPH off the shard but JUST BEFORE HE HIT THE GROUND he blacked out and ended up in a horse and cart getting toed down the countryside towards a massive midnight blue building with cold fire surrounding it. Luke could not move a single muscle; it was like he was getting controlled by something or someone. Eventually Luke arrived at the wall surrounding the building 


He got permission by the guards with AK47’s and entered the gate. Luke was petrified and was wandering around aimlessly and saw a book he picked it up and he opened the page it said “Your Next, run while you can Luke Luke was so scared he tried to clime the wall, but he could not climb the wall and fractured his wrist. Luke did not let that stop him though, He got up and dashed back into the Emporium. 



Luke heard a creak when he stepped on the rustic floorboard. Luke saw a person peek out of the curtains. The voice crackled “Hello Luke I’m Pearson and I’m glad to finally meat you.”  Luke grabbed a baseball bat and went to where he heard the voice and swung the bat. Luke got flung across the room by some old guy in a light grey suit and tie. Luke hammered the wall then blacked out. 



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