The secret shop

There are some places not to go. The secret shop was like that.

Even though it was summer, it got dark really quick. Even though, the statues and toys were moving it made me want to go in. Even though, you could smell the baked cookies and banana bread. Even though, the shelf’s were covered with sweets in different shapes and sizes like a truck over spilling. But no one ever entered. But when a 9 year old boy walked past he wanted to go in. His name was Jim.

Chapter 1

Jim has always been curious and his dad does not want him to get into trouble. One dark afternoon, he was walking down summer road when he saw something unusual in the shop. The door was open so he went inside. Everywhere he looked, it was packed with toys and glorious things. He saw a cage with a lot of your favourite animals that you can get for free. A miniature lighthouse lighting the whole shop. There was several painted dragons eggs painted like a rainbow. There was a display of ancient god statues. Twinkling stars on the top of trees getting ready for Christmas. “I’ve seen you like my toys”, hissed a voice. He looked for the exit and then walked away it was the owner of the shop.

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