The Shadowcorn


What it is:

The Shadowcorn is a rare type of unicorn mostly found in the dark caves of the Underworld.Every week, unicornologists gather around and they research the unicorn from a safe distance due to it’s unfriendliness and powers.

What it looks like:

Scientists have reported that the Shadowcorn has tough, dark-purple and neon eyes, with titanium horns which produce darkness every minute. Additionally, it is said that it’s wings are at least 5 meters and are approximately 20 kilograms.

It’s powers:

It is  also reported that if you look into their eyes, you would see your scariest nightmare. Additionally, it has such sharp teeth that it could kill you in just one bite. But, that’s not all, this unicorn can breathe out poisonous, acid smoke which would choke humans in under a minute.


The dragon has numerous relatives: one of them is his brother, the Lightcorn. The Lightcorn can produce light and is the only living creature that is capable of defeating it’s brother. Furthermore, it is reported that the dragon does not have a gender. This ungendered creature is also very intelligent and would think before attacking people. So, watch out not to get close.


However, due to the recent littering in the Underworld by demons, the unicorn has been seen in the caves of Everest. Police have found numerous bodies located in the upper path of  the mountain. So, law now is restricted and the path to Everest is closed until  this fearsome creature returns back to it’s normal habitat, the Underworld.


To conclude, there are much more secrets about the Shadowcorn waiting to be discovered. I look forward to hearing about what you find!

-Aleks Stoyanov(AS, 2021)

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