The sunset unicorn

The Sunset unicorn


Introduction and looks

The sunset unicorn, which is a type of mythical creature, has a red, pink, orange and yellow sunset horn. This creature lives in the noon sky, if it’s not noon then they will be found resting in the sun or lying on something yellow, orange or red. The yellowish pinkish creature has a main that turns pink when it’s happy, yellow when it’s sad or nervous or red when it’s angry. It’s hooves are barely visible because of the unicorn’s long, fluffy fur.



The personality of this gentle creature is similar to a dachshund with a horn and wings personality! If you come out just when the sunset is visible over the horizon, you can be lucky enough to see them wanting a belly scratch on the street. The majority are very stubborn and mischievous creatures. They are always wanting to eat food, which means is you give them a sandwich, they will follow you non stop until you keep giving them more. They are a bit greedy!



This specific unicorn has the ability to change the time of day, which is why the day is always changing. The average amount of regular unicorns can only fly for a maximum of 1 hour(60 minutes), but these are special. They can stay flying or hovering, which also no living other type can do, for 48 hours straight. It can also change its speed to 4,000 miles per hour. There most amazing ability is that they can automatically change colour to the colour of a sunset!



This thing lives in the roasting sun at night and during the day it would be found with its friends in the sky flying.

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