The Tale of the Storm Unicorn


Cave Unicorn 

Did you know? The Cave Unicorn is 750 years old and 6 metres tall and 6 metres

long! Astonishingly, there are over 1500 types of Cave Unicorn species.



The Cave Unicorn has red eyes and its body colour is grey. The Cave Unicorn has

black manes and  blue ears. Strangely,  white spot on its head. The Cave Unicorn has white swirls on its legs and a red mark on its chin which represents human blood. 



Many of the Cave Unicorn live in a pitch black cave with its wife, mother and child. The Cave Unicorn always plays with its child outside but when another Unicorn comes to eat its child it goes back home. The Cave Unicorn mostly stays in its cave to keep his child safe, keep warm, protect the cave and its family. The Cave Unicorn only comes out at night so nobody sees it. Amazingly, the Cave is 50 kilometers long and 700 metres tall. Fascinatingly, the Cave Unicorn’s cave was built by the Cave Unicorn’s great grandfather and his great grandfather dad. 



Curiously, Cave Unicorns eat a lot of unusual things. Interestingly, cave Unicorns eat humans, cheetahs, tigers, sea lions and baby storm unicorns. When it eats it devours  the animal like it’s crushing the eiffel tower in one go. The male Cave Unicorn demolishes the animals they like and brings them to the cave. The Cave Unicorns are carnivores. Do not go near the Cave Unicorn otherwise it will gobble you up one time. The majority of Cave Unicorns live in forests. 



Many Cave Unicorns have different behaviours but there is a group of Unicorns that are always hungry. Furthermore, these Unicorns get 15 Cave Unicorns to kill animals and eat them. They never run because they eat so much also when they walk stones from the earth rise. Cave Unicorns weirdly like sleeping. Several Cave Unicorns hide on rocks so most of them can camoflauge. In almost all Cave Unicorn groups there are 20000 Cave Unicorns but some have been killed and eaten by Storm Unicorns. 


Be aware of Cave Unicorns if you ever see them run away because you will get gobbled up. Unfortunately, if you get eaten you will feel lava which is 650 degrees. Sadly, the Cave Unicorns are not extinct. 

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