The Volcano corn!

The Volcano corn, which is the oldest unicorn, sleeps at the darkest depths of Mount Vesuvius. Surprisingly some people have claimed to see them play in the sea of the Mediterranean  but unfortunately there is not enough proof to support such a claim. Although these creatures seem easy to find it really is not the only times they go out of their volcano is when it is night and if they ever went out in daytime they would constantly keep checking if their predators, water Pegasus, are near.

If you want to find a Volcano corn either way you will have to recognize it first.

The first thing you need to look out for its fur which is made from cooled magma and ash, then you need to find its mane, corn, tail and hooves that is the color of fire and you must look if it has wings because the Volcano corn has no wings while the Lava corn does.

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