The water unicorn

                                    The water unicorn


The water unicorn is known as a goddess because she has a great power to heal and attack enemies. She also has a brother that’s a fire unicorn which is another goddess.Her body is as blue as the sky and as soft as a cloud she has a horn made of water and a ring of water around it’s horn which sometimes moves  around  her body on accident. It lives on the beaches around England for it’s mane to evaporate for a known,fresh mane to  grow back in time for a special  meeting with the gods. it’s favourite food is apples and likes to drink water and apple juice  it will eat chocolate and candy but it likes to eat cotton candy  the  most.  it’s family and friends when they are in trouble and most of the time it lives in the water for a nice lazy moment in the sun but it will eventually It will get married to a fire unicorn and will have fire and water Babies and we’ll live in a volcano and ocean they will go and visit each other on their birthday, holidays and special occasions.It’s  not a Predator but it will  attacked by wolves in a deep dark Forest.

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