Underground unicorn

Introduction and looks 


The underground unicorn has waterproof fur to keep it dry. It has a black eternal horn shaped like an oversized ice cream cone. These creatures are the rarest creatures in the world with only 5 of them in the whole world. These creatures are looked for everywhere even under the sea!




These creatures have a daring personality so they can do anything without being afraid of danger. These creatures are so greedy they do not stop doing something before it is done and sometimes even steal from their fellow relatives. Also they can become very targetive to people who talk bad about them and can give them a one way trip to the hospital. So they can become quite dangerous to people because of their strange personality.




The abilities of these majestic creatures are that he can walk through the floor and can travel underground at the speed of light and they can bust through walls at an astounding speed and can hypnotise anyone to come to their underground world and trap them if they are not being nice. They can neigh so loud that anyone underneath his feet gets sucked outside.




These wonderful creatures live in the underworld in a secret base in groups of relatively 2 because these creatures are humongous which means they need more space. Sometimes they can reunite and sleep in the trees or in forests which helps them in many ways like spending time together, getting to see the outside world. A few times they like spending time with themselves alone without anyone that’s surprising because these creatures like spending time with each other.




These creatures usually eat leftover pieces of chicken or sometimes even birds they do hunt but it’s very uncommon, even when they do hunt they only hunt small and slow things like turtles they can hunt deer sometimes if they are not feeling lazy. They love to eat some roast chicken, even fish. They learnt that from their ancestors.


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