Weather Unicorns! By Munira

Have you ever met a….

Weather Unicorns are the most unique kind. 

They are born with sky high abilities.


How I look!


I have a unique bluebell horn that is the shape of my best friend, unfortunately I was born with broken wings that almost ruined my life but luckily I was born into a Weather Family so whenever I need to fly they will make it whatever I want  and I was formed in a weird shape, well just a horse. 


Have you spied my eye…


Weather Unicorns usually live in hot places, not my family. I was born in the clouds of Antarctica. My mum said it was the safest place because my mum was born there and she got bullied so she ran away and found her gold-digging Dad. Long story short Marriage Kids boom. So that’s why she’s different. Interestingly she was uhm THE CRUELEST WEATHER UNICORN YOU WILL EVER MEET. So don’t question the Polar Bears…….

Let me finish the order.


She was unusual. Her family ate vegetables like carrots and stuff but she ate clouds weirdly and also she drank from the clouds. Her Father and Mother tried making her eat normal but she always felt a pain in her heart.  

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