A whole new world by Archie

James noticed a video game console. he looked down at it, while perched on the end of his chair. He started to walk over to it.while perched on the edge of his chair. He started to walk over to it. When he turned it on he picked a random game up and when he pressed play it went off. It had dust all over it; and a few scratches on the sides of it.

”I see you have found my game console” shouted the owner
”how about you look around the rest of the shop because this is not for SALE”

”but I-it has the price tag on it so could I buy it?”james said with a frightened stutter

”I suppose so, good luck”

the owner unplugged it gave it James gave the man £26.66 and then took it home

2 Responses to “A whole new world by Archie”

  1. I really like this Archie, my favourite bit was the last paragraph I think you improvements could
    Be longer sentences ok! Byeee

  2. Hi there Archie I love your story but I saw no capital letter after a sentence I hope you have a nice day!

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