A draconic discovery!

By local news reporter Richelle

Astonishing news revealed that yesterday a dragon has been spotted in a nearby meadow. Although this notion is just thought to trick others, it is indeed true that a dragon roams our meadows. Local farmer Albert was herding his sheep, when he unexpectedly discovered a wild dragon resting in the meadows. Albert immediately reported this sighting to whoever would listen.

Dragonologists went straight to work when they heard this news, they studied deeper until they found out that this specie of dragon was indeed endangered. We interviewed others and seen their point of view, one farmer stated angrily “It was out of the blue, these unwanted monstrosities must be kept away from my land and my hard-earned crops!” It was also witnessed by others the dragon’s unique fire-breathing ability it possesses. Most locals feel threatened while few feel fascinated by this special creature. Some people pointed out the different problems that the dragon can cause and it poses a great threat to the people of London. Scientists however are very enthusiastic and eager to learn more. One particularly excited scientist suggested “Some of the dragons features may be very beneficial to incurable diseases, but extracting the blood will be very difficult!”

Debates are still spreading across, starting major arguments all based around. Whether or not they should kill the dragon, let it be or start repopulating their breed and the dragon from extinction. However, theories have spread across that if there is a dragon there may be more breeds and more mythical creatures. This is yet to be proved.

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