A leprechaun was spotted in a In n out in Los Angeles

By John Corn 27th May 2019

In the afternoon, a leprechaun stole a bunch of juicy crisp burgers and chips.The security manager (who is tough) saw him stealing at an In n out.He did it because he was hungry and he could not resist In n out.

Seth Pep (22 years old) who was doing their weekend shopping at In n out.Another witness said “It was enormous and testy and it came up to me and stared at me”He was sneaky and he went through the security like it was his place”.Said a witness (22 years old) Seth Pep also told us he was covered with pickles and he looked auric and wealthy.

The authorities are on him but don't go outside only if it is an emergency.If you have any evidence please contact the authorities.

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