A massive two-headed hyena spotted in Area 51!

By Huseyin-Emre D Wednesday 27th May 2022

A few weeks ago, a boy was spotted watching a two-headed hyena freeing aliens so they can take over the WORLD.

The boy’s name was Jamie and his best friend Dylan, suspected that some sort of creature was freeing aliens. Local citizens have claimed that they have seen the beast in shops, on roads and holidays. They have also called the police to make sure they never see the creature again.”As I pulled my binoculars out to get a closer look, it growled at me as if it had seen me.It was frightening.” Jamie interrupted whilst shaking.

The police are saying everyone should stay inside whilst they explore the scene.Report any strange things happening. A beastologist, who went by the name of Leo, explained who the beast's name was Zidane and he had a horrible childhood. He thought all humans disgusted him and he had to get rid of all of them. The beast was thinking about getting help from evil, so he started freeing aliens.

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