ALIEN SPOTTED! by Harrison

Exclusive report written by **** Dondel, Alienology Reporter, The Worcestershire News.

Within the last 24 hours, John Limb, 16 years old, saw four aliens walk out of a flying saucer, searching for food in a bear-infested forest.

John, who lives on Leafbang Way, which is just five minutes away from the bear-infested forest, explained, “I was hunting for bears when I heard a crash. I thought it was a branch that fell from a tree. I went to investigate. But I saw an alien spaceship. It was a beast of a machine. I hid in the bushes to see if anything would come out and, to my surprise, four aliens came walking out. From what I could see, it looked like they were searching for food.”

The Worcester police have informed all the residents of Worcester about this fascinating creature and have issued everyone with a taser just in case they come across it. If they happen to encounter these green blobs, they can taze it. For further information, contact our Emergency Alien-Spotter Hotline.

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