Aliens ship crashed on Mako island.

Layla Kemp , alien reporter , alien scientist .

Mackenzie Burton, Tom Hamer ,and Rose Cook noticed the ship falling from the sky when they saw it land they ran to rock hill . They said it landed on the large that is next to rock hill. When they saw it they said “ We should call the police.” . But Mackenzie said to them “ No, because they will just take it away.”This happened at 4:15 in the morning.

It has come to light that there is only one little fluffy alien. The pastel green fire has been put out on the neon, bright red spaceship . When local authorities boarded the spaceship, they noticed blue fur stuck to the seats. Local scientists are now trying to find out what type of alien species these are by examining their fur as well as examining their spaceship.

Local police have told people to stay away from this scene because the alien is on the loose and they don't know if this alien is a very dangerous species. The police have also told us that everyone needs to stay inside, lock all your doors and windows and only go out for food . If you are going on a holiday you can't because all flights have been cancelled . Please stay safe and keep your family safe . Journalists are saying if we don't find this creature the island might be in great danger so if you or your family or friends that are stuck in your house and you see the alien, phone up the police and tell them your address. Please inform family and friends to stay inside and stay safe . Tell them to lock all their doors and windows.

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