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Jeremy Montego

Amy Hostworth, 10 years old who goes to BottleShire Academy caught a white unicorn flying up into the sky. This mythical creature who has thought to be a myth has been seen flying into the clouds,it has said to be flying from other unknown creatures such as the cyclops and other mysterious Aliens. Amy said that she saw this unicorn when she was walking home from school. Some people think it’s a Hoax but Amy says:” I saw it with her own eyes!” The flying horse was seen at 3:00 in the afternoon when most people were actually coming back from school, maybe not only Amy saw it.

James Lotus found out that the unicorn was searching for food on earth and the monsters Interrupted her food search. The unicorn was frightened and terrified so the mythical creature flew back up to its habitat.

James Lotus:”it's pretty astonishing and surprising that a unicorn has been seen in England. If anyone saw a magical animal it would probably be in America or something.”

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