Breaking News: Dragon attack

Dr Jerry Den is travelling the world as one of the news reporters who says what’s happening in the country he is in.

There is a ginormous dragon climbing up Buckingham Palace. It’s an intriguing sight to see. We have never seen a dragon before here in this country that looks like this. We have called in a dragonologist. His name is Dr Blog. He said “This is a fire fury dragon, they live in the hottest parts of the earth. People believe they were formed in the inner core of the earth.”
We’ve been informed that the Queen and the Royal family have evacuated from the building. We are calling the dragon catchers right now.

Journalists found out they live in extremely hot places in the world. They have a pitch black body and blood red eyes and main. These creatures are deadly to everyone, even their own kind. Only some people have tamed these beasts. Their favourite food is steak. They love it so much they would do anything for it. These beasts get very aggressive so stay away from them.

It’s incredible to see this. This is a spectacular sight to see.

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