Jamie Jones mystical unicorn correspondent

Yesterday, unicorn was spotted in St johns forest at 9 pm in Wigan. Lots of people were shocked to hear the news. This evening a decision has been made. Everybody has to stay in their houses for their own safety.

“Jamie said, I saw a unicorn last night in the forest, I was on my way home because it was getting late and dark and when I got to the entrance, I saw so red evil eyes staring at me. Then it disappeared. I thought I was imagining. The next day everyone was talking about it I then I came here to tell you that I know where they live. That’s all from Jamie…” follow for more updates.
The police have tracked them down and we should be safe. Everyone needs to stay inside and protect your kids until further notice. If your wondering were the forest is it is in Wigan on Bolton road we have found out how dangerous they are they are dangerous because they have powers that can kill people and they only protect their baby’s if you go near their baby’s, they will attack you. So do not approach what appears to be the unicorn of all devils.

The police have got more information on them they live in a pack of five they have just had babies and we have settled in in St Johns forest and we think the need time to hibernate s we have let them stay in the forest until further notice. To be continued…

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