Breaking news unicorn on the loose

Good afternoon and welcome to the Brit news paper, this is Jemma Jay, a world wide animal rescuer.

A few days ago I met up with a little girl called Kaci Krad. She had an amazing story. This is why I am telling you today. I can tell you that this little poppet was so brave.

This is her story being told buy kaci herself: “I saw a big thing it had wings just like a unicorn the unicorn was hanging of my climbing tree I ran to the myth and in seconds it was gone I cood not believe eyes.” So I will describe for you kaci all the creature's features: “it had golden eyes with glamorous white eyelashes. Copper locks hanging from its silver body. With black hooves hiding mud.” So kaci did you tell your mummy and daddy about this, May I ask you kaci did you get scared of the myth in your garden.“Well no but that night I kept seeing shimmers in the dark bit of my bedroom!” Oh my word that must have been scary. Well I am sorry but we have to go now. Thank you Kaci for helping us with this newspaper today. Bye Brit newspaper and have a good day.

In future people will tell the local police if they find one so that it is safe from human contact.

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