Cardiff Craziness

Milly Michaels, mythological creatures correspondent.

A creature which people are calling a niffler has been sighted in the town of Penylan in Cardiff, Wales stealing coins from the local bank. Yesterday at 3:15pm a niffler was sighted with what looked like gold coins, gleaming jewels and fancy jewelry, this niffler was running from local, Tea Tree bank.

I have recently interviewed eyewitnesses. Eyewitness Jonnie Clocks says “I just saw a black furry blob running from our local bank with money in what looked like a pouch on its stomach.”
The local steakhouse owner Bev Jones owner of Jones’ Joint Steakhouse has told us “I was making a steak sandwich about to put the lettuce on, when I dropped some lettuce and a black fluff ball came and ate it up, I was astounded by this as I did not know what it was.” We have been notified that the niffler has stolen an entire school's supply of golden rulers, 10 year old boy Thomas Williams who goes to the school where the niffler was last sighted has informed us “If I find out where this creature lives I will bring a cage and catch it.”

The people of Penylan are worrying about their money, jewels and shiny rulers. The council has advised them to hide their valuables and to not talk about their valuables.

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