Cave troll spotted in London!

Luke harper, mystical beast reporter.

In London where there have been sightings of what seems to be a cave troll in Piccadilly train station. Eyewitnesses are being interviewed momentarily with troll experts as police are blocking the southern junction to prevent any accidents.

I have just found out that the appearance of these trolls have a grey skin and patches of moss on the shoulders. They have leather wristbands, underwear and a lethal, dead tree as a club. Troll expert Tom Robertson has said,’’ don’t worry, the majority of the trolls are sensitive to sunlight and rely on the moon so they can walk on our soil. but, don’t let anyone near the station, they can only feed by smell and if you have any eating habits then stay away from this area right now’. The military has arrived just now and are securing areas closest to the station. They are on their way with more sandbags to securely close the station and block points were there have been violent troll encounters used for research on why there here.

The government has warned anyone who enters the area of the station will be arrested for illegal trespassing or given a fine of £1000 and up. Police have told us advice,’ do not worry, we’re here to protect you from these vile beasts. If you stay calm, don’t panic then everything will be okay.’ Will these trolls come and attack us or will they make peace? Stay tuned for more and see what these trouble makers are up to.

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