chapter 1/2 of the nowhere emporium

Arron could not stop looking all of the amazing things but what amazed me the most was a sort of spear which stuck fear within people’s souls. It was the mightiest thing I’ve ever seen it was just like lightning it was god like. It was pure gold with intricate patterns all over it. As I was about to touch it.

A tall slender man came up to Arron put his hand on his shoulder and said “boy that artefact is one no child will ever touch not a single one of them nor adult “said the man.

“Sir I wasn’t going to touch it I was just looking “whimpered Arron with his arms about to touch it.
“Don’t lie I’m no blind man boy I saw your measly, little, unworthy hands child “exclaimed the man.

“If you want play go outside not in here unless you want something bad to happen do you “commanded the man.

“I will leave now sir sorry for bothering you “Arron whispered in a quiet voice

The hiss of a cobra and he left to put them in their new habitat I think the weapon looked like an old kings man spear or a gladiators spear I couldn’t tell. I listened to see if he was coming and then touched it.

I touched the spear and the ground stared to crumble. Then it was nothing but black and white then everything started stretch my arm my leg but it was all just an illusion. All I heard was roar and a screech of what seemed to be a dinosaur. A big spider started to crawl up my leg and I opened my eyes to the Jurassic period of time.


I saw a bright white and a shiny gold t-rex gold just like my spear and another person who I thought was dead but I didn’t know so I stood very still. As the cry of hell’s angles the vultures screeched like it was about the time for the meteorite to hit


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