Chapter 2

The Adventure


Harry couldn’t stop himself admiring the beautiful jewels that lay inside an old, glass box on a tall, wooden shelf. As he looked at them preciously, they sparkled astonishingly in the bright light. It was almost like they were hypnotising him. Every few minutes, Harry heard a deafening chime sound, coming from the pile of jewels. He didn’t know what it was but it sounded magical.

“Hey! Put those jewels down. They’re very dangerous to touch,” said an old man’s voice, who later told Harry that his name was Mr Divincci.

“Why are they in your shop, then, if they’re very dangerous?” Harry asked curiously.

“Because they are special, magical jewels and nobody else knows about them apart from me,” Mr Divincci said.

A few minutes later, a phone started ringing so Mr Divincci went to find it. Whilst he was gone, Harry picked up the bag of jewels and wondered how a bag of jewels could be so dangerous. He looked inside but then something bad happened.

He took the largest jewel in his small, thin hands and admired. After a few moments, he heard an echoing sound in his ears. And every once in a while, he heard a loud chime. Harry stared intensely at the gem and as he looked down at the shop’s floor, instead of seeing tiles, he saw a red carpet beneath his feet.

As Harry looked around, he saw a line of beefeaters either side of him, each holding a long stick that looked large a sharp weapon. The roof was extremely tall and far from his head. He looked up and saw the evil eyes of Queen Victoria staring right at his. He was in Queen Victoria’s palace. He had gone back in time to 1837!

He knew that he needed to get out of there fast so he turned around and saw a man, dressed in an old, black suit, waving kindly at him. He didn’t know what to do but then he spotted a flight of stairs so he ran…. FAST. He ran as fast as he could until he could no longer breathe.

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