Chapter 2

Chapter 2 –


Tyler could not stop looking at the golden chocolate coin. As he was going to touch it. He heard a person speak. All of his dreams disappeared as he ate the rich, golden, mouth-watering chocolate.


Then Tyler heard a man behind the curtain. So he went to look and he was carrying the golden chocolate coin. Then the man saw him with it.

He spoke nervously and said, “Put that down quickly, before something magical happens. Do you know what it will do?”

“What will happen?” said Tyler.

The man went to fill up the jar of sweets. He went to pick up the mouth-watering golden coin. Tyler started to smell sugary sweets and he heard strawberry laces 1p. He began to wonder where he was.


He realised he was in the wonderful, olden days sweet shop. Then something happened, someone noticed Tyler, they waved and he was creeped out. He what would happen.

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