“Welcome home,” said the man with flat ginger hair. 

“Who are you?” Exclaimed Chummy. 

“Jasper Bismuth” said the man proudly. 

Chummy was exited that he was home but quite curios. 

Jasper then took his hat of and bowed but as he did so two baby red pandas came out rather scared. Jasper had to entice them to go over to chummy. 


“Now please take a look around I will tell you more about this place later but DO NOT TOUCH THE BOOK”! 


He then walked off to continue to carry on with his work. But while Jasper wasn’t looking, he took the pen and he felt like he was being pulled off the chair by little creatures and he was it was the red pandas warning him not to write in it but of course he didn’t listen. 


He opened it then flicked to the next blank page and wrote what he wanted the most; Out of anything in the world. 

There was a feeling of sudden magic coursing through his veins, but it faded. The red pandas knew they couldn’t stop him now, so they ushered him over to the door of course chummy didn’t know where they were taking him, but they knew where they were going. 


They stopped at a door that had a sort of clockwork look to it. He was in awe he didn’t know how it had appeared, but it had appeared. He walked through regretting that he had disobeyed the warning but there was no turning back he needed to know. 

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