Chapter 2 a warning disobeyed

“My name is Bob gold,” he said, staring at Jim until he shifted  foot to foot.” “This is my shop. Do you like it?” “You are free to look around but don’t touch my books.”

A moment later mr Bob gold had disappeared in a flash and Jim was all alone. He had meant to continue looking round the shop there was something that court here eye. He peaked around the curtain and found a big book that Bob told me not to look at. There was at least 100 books.

Turning back he opened a book. Each page showed a wonderful world but one was his favourite. There was notes about cities, towns and seasides. The next thing he knew there was a pen in his right hand and he  drew a city with  cars  and shops. He saw a bird in the shop and decided to follow it.

“This way,”the bird called. Jim closed the book without thinking. The bird flew through the corridor. It stood on the floor and Jim saw that it went towards the door and entered.

He stepped , not into a room but into a city. The sunlight filled the cars. He paused and listened. A pavement curled away as he drawn inside the book. He did not look back.

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