Chapter 2- a warning disobeyed

“My name is Luciano Copper,” said the man whilst staring at Joseph until he steps back. “This is my shop. Do you like it?” Joseph didn’t know what to say he just nodded his head slowly. “This is the book of pictures, you are free to look around my shop but you are FORBBIDEN to touch the book, understand,” Joseph nodded again.

A moment later, Mr Luciano had disappeared with his long brown hair drifting behind him, he swept back a curtain and was gone. Joseph realised he had been holding his breath throughout that conversation. He started to wonder around the shop but something about that book was calling to him. He longed to experience those unseen pages. He slowly stepped to the curtain and peered behind it. There was what seemed to be a thousand doors. He wondered where they all lead.

Turning back, he opened the book. It was like a wonder land, page after page magnificent pictures formed. Clouds formed around a bright blue sky, a town of wooden houses or a lake with tropical fish speeding through the water.

The next thing he knew he was writing words that were jumping across the page into pictures. He was drawing a beautiful lake with frogs jumping around and fish swimming around gracefully. He was drawing the one thing he wanted to see.

“Follow me,” said the cat. Joseph jumped and snapped the book shut. Though his feet just followed the cat. The cat purred as it strolled down the corridor until it reached a freshly painted door. Joseph knew what to do. He pushed and entered.

He didn’t step into a room but a lake with frogs jumping around. He paused, this was the lake the words had formed. It was quit apart from the sound of the water splashing. Joseph saw a boy that he had drawn and started to sprint to him.


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