Chapter 2 – a warning disobeyed

Chapter 2 – A Warning Disobeyed 


Tim the tailor had always been suspicious on Bob since the met. It had now been a week and Tim eventually said, “do whatever you want but don’t touch the book or else.” Bob remembered that warning for like three seconds and then he saw the book. 


Tim went away and said that he wanted to check everything was ok, but he did do in that was a very silent evil laugh which didn’t sound pleasant. He then saw the book hovering in mid-air. “that’s weird I never knew it could do that.” remarked Bob but now what caught his eve was a wand on the ground pointing and someone or something was shooting a spell. It was surely Tim. Then the wand sand the book dropped. Bob saw the book and touched it. 


 He opened the book, and he drew his dream in it he wanted to live in video games. “Come on” screeched the ant. Bob followed the ant to a room that title was ‘for you’. Bob was so confused because that was what he called his one. He now thought of two things, one this was his room that he created, or two Tim had created a room like this. So, he opened the door and stepped inside… 


The place was exactly as he wanted it to be with a Minecraft Background and a thousand video games surrounding him like Fortnite, FIFA and Mario Kart. He couldn’t believe what he saw, so he played a video game. This was a bad decision because it turned out the games were alive and hungry as they chased him out the room. It was scary but he did it, so he was glad. Then he met Tim on the stairs looking angry. 

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  1. I like this piece but I think you should make the paragraphs longer and I think you should make it more realistic because you put fortnite and minecraft and more.

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